A lucky escape

Yip woke early and stretched in his cosy bed of flattened grass … he’d been having a lovely dream about being a great explorer. “I wonder if I’ll find anything interesting today!” he thought to himself, and off he went, snuffling through the early morning dew, his ears flapping excitedly. Yip loved dressing up and using his imagination. “I think today feels like a cowboy kind of a day” he said to himself. He got on to his imaginary horse and galloped off to visit Baggy the elephant, his special friend. As he rounded the corner by the swings he saw Baggy casually leaning up against a bench. What are you doing? he asked “Shhh I’m hunting that funny stripy nut over there. It keeps hopping out of reach!” “A hopping nut?!” said Yip in amazement but then he fell down laughing, showing his pink tummy “It’s not a nut” he said to the little elephant “It’s Fuzzbuzz the bee!”. Sure enough, the baby bumble bee flew up at that moment and buzzed good morning to them both. “Phew! Thanks Yip” said Baggy “I thought it was funny that a nut would move. Anyway, is it breakfast time yet?” Yip glanced at the watch he’d found and that Madame Pustaka had attached to his collar. (Its hands were stuck at ten past four.) “Definitely breakfast time” he said.

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