Yip and the bone​

Yip the dog doesn’t want to share her bone,​

She hides it away, so she can later play alone.​

She catches a cold and her nose can’t sniff or smell,​

She can’t remember where she hid her bone so well.​

She looks under the bed.​

She looks behind the tree.​

She searches inside the bush.​

But the bone she can not see.​

Who can help her, who wouldn’t mind?​

Baggy’s trunk is a good bet, get the bone, go find!​

He sniffs under the bed.​

He sniffs under the tree.​

He sniffs inside the bush.​

Oh, wait! What does he see?​

In the middle of the garden​

there’s a little mount of dirt.​

“I smell the bone right there!”​

Says Baggy the smell expert.​

Thanks to Baggy’s super trunk Yip has found her bone,​

but now it doesn’t feel quite right to go and play alone.​

“Baggy would you like to play with my bone and me?”​

“Of course I would!” says Baggy jumping very happily.


Chat about sharing

Why is sharing important? How do you feel when somebody shares with you? How do you feel when you share with somebody else?​

Which things have you shared lately? What does mum share with you?

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