Meet the team – Julie

Hello, I’m Julie and I’m a Senior Customer Service Executive at Mum & You.

Luckily for me I spend my time at work talking to our lovely customers and (hopefully) answer any questions that come in about our products and services or general mummy life.

I am also a mum to twin girls who are almost 4 years old – eek! how did that happen? Big school in September!

I began working at Mum & You over a year ago as ultimately, I wanted to re-join the workforce after a long career in IT and following 2½ years with the little ones.  Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely loved the time I had at home with the girls but the side of my brain that didn’t think about nappy changes, mealtimes, soft play and Mr Tumble wanted more!  So, I set my internal search criteria to include flexible working, understanding bosses and a place where background noise was encouraged (happy children) and not frowned upon.  Surely this was unlikely to exist unless I signed up to live in a commune but luckily, I joined Mum & You and I absolutely love the culture that has organically grown with like-minded mums and dads.

The products we offer are fabulous too! My girls use enough Face the Day stick to literally attach themselves to the wall unless I intercept their eagerness of application but it’s all good fun. I just wish that I had come across the nappies and biodegradable wipes earlier when we were in the thick of it as I certainly tried everything available hoping to get a perfect fit, leak-free experience x 2!

Anyway, that’s enough about me!  I just wanted to say that being a mum and being able to help other mums is very important to me and so working for a company who makes this central to everything they do aligns very nicely to the new me.  And, I confirm that the other side of my brain still works!

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