How does the flexi subscription work?

Life doesn’t stay the same, so why should your subscription?

We’ve got a great range of Mum & You subscriptions, but like the ‘make your own’ on the pizza menu, sometimes it’s best to take things into your own hands.

Step 1) Choose your products

Newborn and toddler in the house? You might want to throw in 3 packs of size 2 nappies and only 2 packs of size 5. Want different designs? No problem.

Step 2) Decide how often you want your delivery

We know it’s lovely to receive a parcel every day, but if you want to give the postman a break, choose up to 60 days between each delivery.

Step 3) Make your products add up to £30 or more (hello free shipping!). That’s it!

Need to change your nappy size? No problem. Just get in touch and let us do the rest, or head back to subscriptions to sign up.