• Bundles

  • So, how does Subscribe and Save work?

    It’s simple really. We like you. We want to show that and say thank you for supporting us*.

    Step 1) You sign up to a Mum & You subscription bundle – you get up to 25% off straight away.

    Step 2) You find yourself thinking ‘how amazing are these nappies?!’ (this step isn’t compulsory, but it does happen regardless)

    Step 3) You save an extra 5% for keeping your subscription after your third month, and again 3 months after that, until you’re saving up to 40%** on the products you love.

    Step 4) (optional) You spend the money you saved on chocolate.

    You don’t need to do any work to get your hands on these savings. Just make your initial order and we’ll do the rest. You can get in touch to change your bundle anytime – that means no contract, no hidden costs, no funny business. Just great products that you love, for great prices.

    *Your support means we can continue making baby products you love, and help other mums who need it most. We donate money for every product bought to mums via Save the Children, The Trussell Trust and various refugee charities. We also fund mums in innovation and independence.

    **Up to 40% refers to bundles starting at 25% off, and a 5% increase in discount every three months. Check individual bundles for discount rate.

    Get in touch with our lovely support team for more info, they’re a friendly bunch that love a chat, or head back to subscriptions to sign up.

  • How does the flexi subscription work?

    Life doesn’t stay the same, so why should your subscription?

    We’ve got a great range of Mum & You subscriptions, but like the ‘make your own’ on the pizza menu, sometimes it’s best to take things into your own hands.

    Step 1) Choose your products

    Newborn and toddler in the house? You might want to throw in 3 packs of size 2 nappies and only 2 packs of size 5. Want different designs? No problem.

    Step 2) Decide how often you want your delivery

    We know it’s lovely to receive a parcel every day, but if you want to give the postman a break, choose up to 60 days between each delivery.

    Step 3) Make your products add up to £30 or more (hello free shipping!). That’s it!

    Need to change your nappy size? No problem. Just get in touch and let us do the rest, or head back to subscriptions to sign up.

  • How do your bundle subscriptions work?

    Sleep deprivation doesn’t like complication, so we’ve kept things simple – just three clicks and you’re done.

    You can order a monthly bundle containing all the wipes and nappies your baby needs and have them delivered to your door when you need them. Think of it as nappy shopping without the need to get dressed first.

  • What are the benefits of subscribing?

    Money, ease and time. Our money saving subscription bundle arrives direct to your door every month – leaving you more time for the important things in life. You don’t need to wait in for your bundle to arrive and you don’t need to worry about emergency trips to the supermarket.

  • What size nappies should I order?

    Our nappies come in different weight ranges.  Please use the below sizing chart to help you


    Nappy Size Weight Nappies per pack nappies per subscription
    2 3-6kg 44 176
    3 4-9kg 42 168
    4 8-14kg 38 152
    5 11-25kg 36 144
    6 16kg + 32 128
  • Is it easy to update my order?

    Very. You can add to your order or make changes (we just need a couple of days to amend things for you).

    Contact us at support@mumandyou.com or call us on 0161 696 1661.

  • Can I return my order if I change my mind?

    Yes. You can return unopened and unused products to us. Please contact support@mumandyou.com

  • Can I swap an item?

    Mum & You Bundles have been based on your feedback. At the moment, we are unable to change the contents of each bundle.  However, we are always evolving and enhancing our product ranges and we really appreciate your feedback on which products work best together.

    We listen to all feedback and will take ideas and suggestions into consideration for future bundles.

    You can submit your suggestions at inspireus@mumandyou.com

  • Delivery & Orders

  • Which payment methods do you accept?

    You can make your payment to us via any of the following methods;

    • PayPal
    • Most credit and debit cards, including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, JCB, and Diner’s Club.
  • Do you deliver outside of the UK?

    We don’t deliver outside of the UK just yet, but if you’re in the EU or US you can find us on Amazon.

  • Can I track my order?

    Yes – you will receive information confirming your purchase and all tracking information will be sent to you.

    You can also contact our customer support team who will be happy to look into any queries for you.

  • How will my order be delivered?

    Orders are delivered via courier, so you don’t need to wait in for it.

  • Do you offer a gift wrapping service?

    We will be offering a gift wrap service in the near future – please contact customer support for further details on support@mumandyou.com

  • What are your delivery charges?

    Shipping is free on all orders over £30

    Items under 3kg are charged at £2.69 delivery

    Standard delivery (2-3 working days): £3.49

    Next working day delivery (on orders placed before 1pm) £5.49

  • Nappies

  • Are your nappies biodegradable?

    The core of our nappies is 100% biodegradable, and we’re working with our developers to improve other aspects of our nappies too. We don’t use glue in the nappies and they contain no harsh chemicals, perfume or lotion, making them hypoallergenic and better for the environment.

    We are one of the only brands currently using a renewable sugarcane material for our packaging. We also use less packaging than other brands to keep our demand on the planet’s resources as low as possible.

    At Mum & You we’re on a journey not only to have a positive impact on lives of babies, but also to continuously improve the sustainability of our products.

  • What are your nappies made from?

    With a biodegradable core and no added chemicals, our eco-nappies are super soft and comfortable to wear. They’re made using chlorine-free wood pulp from certified sustainable forestry, and our packaging is made using renewable sugarcane.

    We’re committed to looking after today’s planet for tomorrow’s generation, and this means using renewable raw materials and cutting down on plastic everywhere we can.

    Our nappies feature new Smart-Tube technology which distributes wetness evenly throughout the nappy, improving how it fits and protecting against leakages, a new wetness indicator, and are soft and flexible for a comfortable fit. They’re made with zero glue and are free from perfume, dye and lotion, making them suitable for newborn and the most sensitive skin. Their super absorbent core locks moisture away from your baby’s skin and guards against leaks for up to 12 hours.

  • What makes your nappies different?

    Our nappychat nappies have been designed to be leak-free and dry for up to 12 hours. They have been developed in collaboration with literacy experts and illustrated with a tribe of fun characters to help you tell stories and bond with your baby. You can find out more here.

  • What is “nappychat?”

    Mums and experts agree that talking to your baby from birth does all sorts of wonderful things. It’s a great way to bond with your baby and introduce them to a love of stories.

    Mum & You consulted development experts like Dr Jessica Horst, Director of the Word Lab at Sussex University to help us develop Nappychat.

    Our nappychat nappies are illustrated with a playful tribe of characters to inspire stories and rhymes. Whether you choose our Silver the moon and her friends in the sky, or Jiffy and his four-legged tribe, they’ll make nappy changes a fun activity your little one comes to love. You can find out more here.

    Very soon you’ll be able to download our app, introducing you to the whole nappychat family. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for the latest updates!

  • Return Policy

  • Can I return my unwanted items?

    Yes, of course, you can return your unwanted items to our fulfilment centre and we will refund you as soon as we have received them. Give our support team a call on 0161 696 1661 or email support@mumandyou.com who will assist you in arranging.
    Please note that items purchased on any of our promotions are not eligible for return.
    *this does not affect your statutory rights

  • Skincare

  • What makes your skincare different from leading brands?

    We understand that there are some important differences in what a baby needs at different stages, and have created unique collections specifically designed to meet their needs at every milestone.

    Our New Baby Safe and Sound range has been designed to use with only one hand, leaving you free to hold your baby while they are too young to sit unaided. Our products condition baby’s skin as well as gently cleansing it, saving you time when they just don’t want to be in the bath anymore!

    Everything we produce at Mum & You has mums and babies in mind, so our revolutionary products like the Face the Day stick offer something unique you won’t find anywhere else. We’ve thought through exactly what you need day to day, so you don’t have to search for your own answers.

    ticked-mark.png Quick, safe and gentle bathtime?

    ticked-mark.png Ingenious products to make your life easier?

    ticked-mark.png Hypoallergenic and kind to baby’s skin?

    ticked-mark.png Some added luxury for you?

  • My Baby has sensitive skin/dermatitis. Can I use your skincare products?

    All of our baby bathtime and skincare products have gone through rigorous testing and have been checked and approved by dermatologists. They are hypoallergenic and safe for use on even the most sensitive eczema-prone skin.

  • Are any of your products tested on animals?

    We want to make the world a better place for everyone, so none of our products have been tested on animals, in line with Regulation (EC) 1223/2009 on cosmetic products.

  • How long do your products last after opening?

    Bath and skincare products will be as good as new for 12 months after opening.

  • Troubleshooting

  • My nappy is leaking, what can I do to prevent this?

    A nappy might leak if it is too small. The absorbent material in the nappy core cannot then cope with the volume of wee. It might be time to consider moving up a nappy size especially if your baby is near the top of the weight range for that size. Other signs that your baby’s nappy is too small include:

    • The nappy isn’t covering your baby’s bottom properly.
    • You notice it’s tight around your baby’s waist or thighs.
    • The nappy is consistently wet-through.

    Bigger nappies can handle more, but nappies may also leak because they are too big. Our nappies have stretch in them, so they are comfortable for a baby. If the nappy isn’t fitted snugly on your baby then it is likely that the nappy could leak.

  • My baby has been suffering from rash problems since using M&Y nappies. What could be the cause of this?

    There are many causes of nappy rash. It is unlikely that it is linked directly to the nappy you use. Consider whether any of the following causes might apply to your baby.

    • Your baby’s skin has been in contact with wee or poo for a long time with the nappy rubbing against your baby’s skin.
    • The skin may not have been cleaned thoroughly. It is easy to miss dirt, hiding in the folds of your baby’s skin.
    • Your baby has recently been taking antibiotics
    • Your baby has been unwell / teething
  • How do I prevent nappy rash?

    If your baby gets nappy rash, you can usually treat the problem at home.

    If the rash isn’t upsetting your baby, at each nappy change apply a thin layer of a barrier cream to protect their skin. Our Bottom Balm is ideal for this.

    Change wet or dirty nappies as soon as possible.

    Clean the whole nappy area gently but thoroughly, wiping from front to back.

    Bath your baby – but avoid bathing them too regularly as this may dry out their skin.

    Dry your baby gently after washing them – avoid vigorous rubbing.

    Lie your baby on a towel and leave their nappy off as often & for as long as you can to let fresh air get to their skin.

    Do not use talcum powder as it contains ingredients that could irritate your baby’s skin.

    Nappy rash usually clears up after about three days if you follow these hygiene tips.

    If the rash continues, we recommend consulting your GP.

  • Wipes

  • How long do the wipes last after opening?

    We recommend using an opened pack of wipes within one month.

  • Are your wipes biodegradable?

    We were more than a little excited when our testing proved you don’t need to compromise on quality to produce eco-friendly, biodegradable wipes. So that’s exactly why we’ve made a wipe that is strong enough to tackle the nastiest nappy or stickiest face and still break down after use. Our wipes are 100% biodegradable. They will completely biodegrade within just 4-6 weeks, plus you can choose to compost them!

    Ingredient Source Function
    Aqua Purified Water Moistens wipes
    Sodium Benzoate Part of the remaining 0.5% not naturally derived ingredients Helps keep the wipes fresh
    Sodium Citrate Plant Balances the pH to ensure wipes stay gentle on delicate skin
    Myristamidopropyl PG-Dimonium Chloride Phospate Part plant part synthetic Provides gentle cleansing
    Sodium Gluconate Plant Helps stabilise solution
    Citric Acid Plant Balances the pH to ensure wipes stay gentle on delicate skin
  • What are your wipes made from?

    Our wipes are 100% biodegradable, contain zero plastic and are made from viscose – a cellulosic wood fibre that is the most abundant and renewable biopolymer on Earth. 99.5% of all of our ingredients are natural.

  • Why are M&Y wipes biodegradable?

    We were more than a little excited when our testing proved you don’t need to compromise on quality to produce earth friendly, biodegradable wipes. So that’s exactly why we’ve made a wipe that is strong enough to tackle the nastiest nappy or stickiest face and gentle enough to place in the compost bin.

  • How do I know that these wipes are suitable to use on my newborn baby or my baby with eczema-prone skin?

    Our wipes have gone through rigorous testing and have been checked and approved by dermatologists. They are hypoallergenic, unperfumed and safe for use on even the most delicate, eczema-prone skin.

  • How long do the wipes last after opening?

    Your wipes will remain good as new and safe for little skin for up to six months after opening.